Get Daneey Stone Pillows To Make Your Home Absolutely Original

Get Living Stone Pillows To Make Your Home Absolutely Original

Tired of home good stores that offer the same boring products?

Want something that sets your home apart from all the others?

Desperate to get furniture that your kids won’t break?

Bring home fun, functional furniture with your very own set of Daneey

From your very first glimpse of these lifelike stone pillows, you’ll instantly feel more at home. Making a choice that you and your family all support will set the tone for great days and fun nights for years to come.

Each set of six Daneey comes in a unique, lifelike stone shape or design, from striking light white pebbles to more earthy tones with veins of white and red, even a subtle dark grey. That mixture ensures that no matter what your current design inspiration is, you’ll find a set of Daneey to match it.

✔ Liven Up Your Indoors – Do you love DIY design? With these differently sized sets of Daneey, you can craft a couch from scratch, remodel your living room on a whim, and add comfortable, expandable seating for your family on guests.

✔ Outdoor Designs – Deck out your deck and boost the barbecue with the durable Daneey designed for outdoor use. Outdoor design can be just as important as what you do inside, and with these pillows, you can add nature-inspired elements to your backyard that are still functional for your guests.

✔ Kid-Tested, Family-Approved – Looking for the perfect addition for your den or playroom? Redesigning their bedroom? Daneey give you a fun, creative option for a furniture option your kids are sure to love – and a pillow fight they’ll remember forever. Plus, just imagine the pillow fort castle they’ll be able to make!

✔ The Perfect Creative Prop – Whether you’re a designer, a photographer, or a filmmaker, these Daneey are a wonderful addition to a creative studio or project, a lifelike stone that won’t weigh you down when it’s time to switch up the shot.

✔ Fill Them Yourself! – By filling your own set of Daneey, you can not only save a huge amount on shipping costs (up to 45% of your total!), you can make them as loose, firm, or cushy as you and your family want. Is one family member picky about pillows that have to be just so? Then filling your own pillows could be just the way to go!

These Daneey are so realistic your guests are guaranteed to do a double-take. But once they see how comfortable they are, and how naturally the shapes fit onto couches and in living rooms, they’ll be as convinced as you are: stone pillows might just be better than the real thing.

Plus, we prep your order the very second we get it, meaning your pillows get shipped just 2-3 days after you place your order. Turn your wish into reality at just the click of a button.

Give your home a little something special by ordering your own set of Daneey today.