Types of wedge pillows

Wedge pillows have all sorts of benefits, from helping you sleep in a comfortable position to controlling acid reflux at night. But the amount of choices seems endless.

To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of the best wedge pillows to help make your choice easier.

Types of wedge pillows

There are several types of wedge pillows. They vary in shape, material, and purpose. Some of the most popular wedge pillows include:

Flat-bottomed wedge pillows

These pillows are typically triangular with a flat bottom that lies flush against your mattress. Some may come equipped with straps to prevent sliding during sleep.

Contour wedge pillows

Curved for comfort, these wedge pillows are most popular with side sleepers to aid in spinal alignment.

Memory foam wedge pillows

Memory foam is the most popular material for wedge pillows because it withstands weight while maintaining its shape.

Memory foam can trap body heat and become uncomfortable. However, some types of memory foam are made with gel to help reduce heat buildup. You can also try adding a cooling pillowcase.

Latex wedge pillows

While latex isn’t often used by itself, memory foam and latex are often combined to make durable, breathable wedge pillows that don’t create as much of a sinking in feeling.

Latex is a more expensive material, but it’s also more long lasting than memory foam.

Adjustable wedge pillows

Adjustable wedge pillows come with one or more removable layers of foam. They may also be folded into different configurations. The advantage of an adjustable wedge pillow is that you may change its firmness or height depending on your needs.